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Trichia sp.

Posted by
Johan Dierckx (Wijnegem, Belgium) on 27 January 2013 in Plant & Nature and Portfolio.

Trichia sp. (NL: Draadwatje sp. (Een genus van slijmzwammen of myxomyceten) / EN: Trichia sp. (a genus of slime molds) / DE: Trichia sp. (eine Gattung von Schleimpilzen) / FR: Trichia sp. (Genre de myxomycètes))

Slime mold or mould is a broad term describing some organisms that use spores to reproduce. Slime molds were formerly classified as fungi or protists, but are no longer considered part of these kingdoms. Their common name refers to part of some of these organisms' life cycles where they can appear as gelatinous "slime". This is mostly seen with the myxomycetes, which are the only macroscopic slime molds.
The species in the Trichia genus can only be named after examination of the spores. The species in the image is just an early stage, not containing spores yet, so determination at species level is impossible in this stage.

note: image made with 150mm 1:1 + 2xTC (actual image-size:+/- 11mm x 7mm)

Image: Brecht (BE) – 20/11/2012

Canon EOS 400D 4 seconds F/25.0 ISO 200 300 mm

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roni from Merksem, Belgium

prachtige foto met mooie kleuren

27 Jan 2013 6:12pm

christine from schoten, Belgium

Daar ben ik het volledig mee eens :)

27 Jan 2013 7:13pm

ursi from bruxelles, Belgium

Een lekkernij !

27 Jan 2013 9:26pm

omid from mashhad, Iran

very nice & wonderful!
so beautiful colors!

30 Jan 2013 10:29pm

Canon EOS 400D
4 seconds
ISO 200
300 mm