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Silene cretica

Posted by
Johan Dierckx (Wijnegem, Belgium) on 28 February 2011 in Plant & Nature and Portfolio.

Series: "Wild flowers of Crete"

Silene cretica is a delicate, slightly branched annual. The lower leaves are elongated and inverted ovate in shape, the upper leaves are narrow and pointed. The calyx is smooth, narrower at the lips with green stripes. The petals are pink and divided into two lobes. It can be found in olive groves, uncultivated fields and stony locations. Flowering from April until May.

Image: Vamvakades (Crete) - 14/04/2010

Canon EOS 400D 1/640 second F/5.6 ISO 200 150 mm

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Aubélia from Kortrijk, Belgium

Gewoonweg prachtig!

28 Feb 2011 9:14am

@Aubélia: Een heel delicaat bloempje op een bijzonder fragiel stengeltje dat bij het minste briesje heen en weer beweegt ... Maar ik kon het niet laten te proberen een scherpe opname te maken en na een dozijn of wat pogingen was dit dan het resultaat... Soms mag je gewoon niet opgeven.

Ioanaz from Bucharest, Romania

very beautiful shot!

28 Feb 2011 10:19am

@Ioanaz: Thank you very much for your visit and comment, Ioanaz.

Julie Brown from Indianapolis, United States

Your trademark wonderful light is here, as usual. Lovely color and texture on the petals.

28 Feb 2011 10:33am

@Julie Brown: Not all my images are made with the ideal light, but I only show the best ons here (of course...). Glad you keep liking it, Julie. I'm sorry to be so behind in relying and commenting. Warm greetz for you !

KriKridesign from Léman, Switzerland

So estethic... :-)

28 Feb 2011 12:24pm

@KriKridesign: Thanks, Christine. I'm always ammazed when I find a plant-species I never saw before. It will still take me "a few" years to find them all, but I don't mind :-)))... Greetz !

Veronique from Sarrouilles, France

lovely and special ! looks like the center is missing :-))

28 Feb 2011 1:08pm

@Veronique: The stamens are just hiding in the back of the flower... I assume this is a kind of adaptation for reasons of protection.

Loner from Wörgl, Austria

Großartig - mit diesen strahlenden Farben ! Wie machst du das nur ?

28 Feb 2011 8:03pm

@Loner: Thank you, Sonja.
I don't fully understand your question. Can you try asking it in an other way ? (Sorry about that)

anne from Netherlands

ja hij is weer mooi, goed gedaan met de scherptediepte....

28 Feb 2011 10:36pm

@anne: Dank weer voor je fijne reactie. Beperkte scherptediepte is zowat het "handelsmerk" van mijn "wilde-planten-portretjes".... Op die manier komt (volgens mij) de schoonheid van de bloem op zich volledig tot zijn recht.

Loretta from Pretoria, South Africa

Lovely with fantastic colour! Love the detail and the slight shimmer that one can see on the flower.

1 Mar 2011 12:57am

@Loretta: Thank you for this nice comment, Loretta. The shimmer on the flower makes it very difficult to light the image in a proper way. With "normal" lightning the flower would easily be overexposed.

Ehlehminee from Los Angeles, California, United States

Beautiful! The color is outstanding.

1 Mar 2011 1:37am

@Ehlehminee: I'm very glad you like this image too, Ehlehminee. Thanks for commenting again.

Loner from Wörgl, Austria

My question was: How is it possible that the colours of your photos are always so beaming? It is difficult to translate phrases word by word authentically. I am sorry!

3 Mar 2011 10:08pm

@Loner: No problem, Sonja. If I don't understand I'll ask :-) Now I understand better.
First of all: correct exposure is vital for the colours.
Second: callibrate the images to the right white-balance.
Third and maybe the most important: Try to look for the right light when making images. I know that is not always possible but in general I don't go out with my camera in bad light-conditions (I only go out then to observe to return later to the same spot to make the image) Of course this is much easyer to do with plants and mushrooms etc then with living animals ...
And of course - I only display the good images here - the bad ones are for the trash and to learn from the mistakes ... :-)
Warm greetz !

Canon EOS 400D
1/640 second
ISO 200
150 mm