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Crete 2010 #16 Preveli palm forest

Posted by
Johan Dierckx (Wijnegem, Belgium) on 30 January 2011 in Landscape & Rural and Portfolio.

In April 2010 I made a photo-trip to Crete. The main goal was surching and documenting the wild orchids and endimic flora of the Island. I already posted some of the species back in april (all images posted between 23/04/2010 and 15/05/2010).
In this series I will be posting mainly cityscapes and landscapes taken on the island during that trip.
For me it is a good occasion to review my images and select only the best and most representative ones from this trip.

Image: Preveli (Crete) - 11/04/2010

Crete boasts two palm forests, the one in Vai in Eastern Crete and this palm forest of Preveli, one of the most famous, beautiful and popular beaches in Crete. The palm forest consists of the precious type of palm tree known as Phoenix Theophrasti, a rare species which is under extinction (the big trees near the river in the image.) This species is entirely different than the Phoenix Dactylifera that is found in Egypt and other areas of the Middle East and the US. This precious species was the purpose of my visit on 11/04/2010
On 22 August 2010 the forest was completely destroyed by a fire - a real ecological disaster !! More information on the fire and some images can be seen at http://www.cretegazette.com/2010/08-preveli-burned-by-fire.php

Canon EOS 400D 1/200 second F/11.0 ISO 200 10 mm

© Johan Dierckx

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Sylvia from -, Netherlands

Wauw, wat een uitzicht, prachtig zeg.

30 Jan 2011 8:16am

@Sylvia: De zuidkust van het eiland is bijzonder mooi. De gebergtes vallen zowat de zee in en regelmatig heb je zo van die kloven die recht in zee uitkomen. Dit plaatje ga je de komende jaren niet meer kunnen maken want zoals je in het doorgelinkte artikel kan lezen is in de zomer het gehele gebied getroffen door een enorme "bos"-brand. Hopelijk kan de natuur zich toch nog herstellen. Groetjes !

anne from zwolle, Netherlands

wat een prachtig landschap..... zoals gewooonlijk de kleuren en de compo goed.....

30 Jan 2011 9:19am

@anne: Jammer dat het geheel momenteel compleet verbrand is (zie doorgelinkt artikel !). Een zeer waardevol landschap, biotoop en soort zomaar opgegaan in vlammen... Dit zou je dus een historisch plaatje kunnen noemen - het zal jaren duren voor de natuur zich weer min of meer kan herstellen.
Maak er nog een fijne zondag van, Anne.

Co33 from libourne, France

Moni Preveli is a fantastic place!
You make me want to go back there

30 Jan 2011 12:10pm

@Co33: The whole erea is fantastic I think.... If you want to go back there: just do it ! Have a nice sunday !

Julie Brown from Indianapolis, United States

That must have been devastating to see the aftermath of the fire. Did you go back there last November just to see it?

30 Jan 2011 12:23pm

@Julie Brown: Julie, you must have been mislead by the format of my dates : ddmmyyyy so this image dates from April 2010- before the fire took place ! The images after the fire can be seen in the article I linked. So I did not see the results of the fire myself. But I did see some burned mountainslopes (other places and fires from previous year) in Crete so I can imagine how this place must look now.

Don Levesque from Saint John, Canada

Fabulous landscape photo, the dof is beautiful. So sad to hear about the fire, but myself living in a country that forest fires are an annual occurrence, we've learned that mother nature is resilient and will bounce back,

30 Jan 2011 1:42pm

@Don Levesque: I know nature always fights back. But recovering those trees ... It is just very very sad ! I hope you never came in trouble because of a forestfire .... Must be a frightening experience I think. Thanks for your comment again, Don.

Curly from South Shields, United Kingdom

Outstanding landscape shot, and so sorry to learn about the fire.

30 Jan 2011 5:44pm

@Curly: There is no turning back... For me this image gets an ever "greater" value knowing it will take years and years before a similar image can be taken again ... Have a nice day, Curly !

marc battault from clermont ferrand, France

a very nice point of view !!! wonderful !
friendships !

30 Jan 2011 8:35pm

@marc battault: Coastlines are so beautiful and the light magnificent. Just could not stop making images :-) Greetz !

Mehran from meshkin, Iran

nice landscape shot Johan

30 Jan 2011 9:19pm

@Mehran: Thank you very much, Mehran.

Veronique from Sarrouilles, France

very nice mountany view

31 Jan 2011 9:39am

@Veronique: Mountains and coastlines are always so close togehter in Crete. It is an Island of contrasts ... Have a nice day, Veronique.

KriKridesign from Cully, Switzerland

But what a journey!!!

31 Jan 2011 6:37pm

@KriKridesign: Oui!!! For sure !!!! Have a nice day, Christine !

Canon EOS 400D
1/200 second
ISO 200
10 mm