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Galerina marginata

Posted by
Johan Dierckx (Wijnegem, Belgium) on 27 September 2010 in Plant & Nature and Portfolio.

Galerina marginata (Bundelmosklokje (BE) / Deadly galerina (EN) / Gifthäubling (DE) / Galère marginée (FR) ) is a deadly poisonous, saprobic fungus in the Strophariaceae family. Fruit bodies may grow solitarily, but more typically in groups or small clusters, and appear in the summer to autumn. Sometimes, they may grow on buried wood and thus appear to be growing on soil. The toxins found in Galerina Marginata are known as amatoxins. The species has been mistaken in the past with representatives of the genus Psilocybe by those interested in collecting hallucinogenic mushrooms. This has resulted in several poisonings and at least one death.

Canon EOS 400D 1/13 second F/8.0 ISO 200 150 mm

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Veronique from Sarrouilles, France

I like how you framed it , the light and the surrounding

27 Sep 2010 8:44am

@Veronique: The background is just another dead piece of wood behind the fungus. The colors do match perfect I think. Thanks for commenting again, Veronique.

Julie Brown from Indianapolis, United States

I like the ground level view, and the detail in the wood. Nicely saturated color in the cap and background.

27 Sep 2010 9:54am

@Julie Brown: Actually this specimen grew on a dead branch on a fallen tree about 50cm above ground ... I just did not include the empty space below the branch to get this ground-level effect. :-) So this shot was not as difficult as the previous close to ground-shots... Glad you like it.

Lougris from Toulouse, France

quelle superbe série ! d'une grande qualité !!

27 Sep 2010 11:03am

@Lougris: Thank you very much for your appreciation, Lougris. I'm realy glad you enjoy my images. Always welcome :-)

KriKridesign from Cully, Switzerland

I had a thought for You yesterday, I went in the forest and there million of mushrooms...(delicious!!) I took my camera and I forgot to charge the battery...So, no pictures!!!!

27 Sep 2010 11:36am

@KriKridesign: Oh Oh OH ... That is realy bad luck !!! But maybe one of these days you can return with fully loaded camera ? Did you eat the mushrooms??? In Belgium it is forbidden by law to cut them for consumption (all species !!!). Maybe in Switserland that is different ?

Larry Elkins from Bisbee, United States


27 Sep 2010 3:36pm

@Larry Elkins: Thank you very much for your visit and your comment, Larry. Glad you like it.

MARIANA from Waterloo, Canada

brillaint light and shiny colors . great closeup

27 Sep 2010 9:01pm

@MARIANA: Thank you very much for your visit and your comment, Mariana.

Candais from Lisieux, Canada

This is the first time I have visited your blog...your images, including this one, are simply amazing. The details here are perfect, and thanks for telling us about them...really interesting

28 Sep 2010 1:29am

@Candais: Thank you very much for this comment, Candais. I'm realy glad you like my images and thanks for appreciating the explannations about the species i'm writing. Hope you will visit again soon. Have a nice day !

KriKridesign from Cully, Switzerland

!!!!???? ALL species? Why?
Yes we have made some delicious preparation...In certains mountains area there are restrictions, but in general it is allowed tu cut them...

28 Sep 2010 6:07am

@KriKridesign: OK I have to make a little correction: In Flanders (So not entire Belgium) cutting mushrooms is forbidden in public area and nature reserves... (So in fact one can only cut mushrooms in his own garden...) For the south of the country I can't find the correct reglementation. (Nature protection in Belgium is different in the north and the south - weard country we live in!) This concerns all species. You probably have to bear in mind that in Belgium mushrooms are not as widespread as in Swiss. 2/3 of the species are rare and endangered... Cutting is only allowed for 1 specimen and only for scientific research ...

Christine from Duns, United Kingdom

Superb composition and beautiful light. Rather twee but I almost expect an elf to appear round the corner :)

28 Sep 2010 1:21pm

@Christine: Hope the elf did not eat this one ... It is a deadly poisonous specimen ...

Marleen from Netherlands

Het bundelmosklokje staat hier prachtig te stralen! Verbazingwekkend dat het dode hout op de achtergrond zo mooi egaal overkomt- super!

28 Sep 2010 8:26pm

@Marleen: Dank je, Marleen. Er was gelukkig voldoende ruimte tussen de paddenstoel en de achtergrond zodat die door de beperkte scherptediepte netjes wazig gezet werd ... Ik vond vooral de kleuren heel erg mooi samengaan. Soms heb je wat geluk nodig om dit soort tafereeltjes te treffen (maar vooral ook een oog om ze te zoeken :-) Fijne dag voor je.

RT Farty from Groningen, Netherlands

I like this one as well as the one you posted today. The colours ate superb

28 Sep 2010 9:04pm

@RT Farty: He, fijn dat je nog meerdere foto's bezocht. Ik ben erg verheugd dat mijn werk je bevalt. Je komende commentaren mag je gerust in het Nederlands schrijven, dat vereenvoudigt wellicht de communicatie :-) Fijne dag gewenst.

Monique from Koh Samui, Thailand

Geweldige foto! Het decor waarin dit paddestoeltje staat te pronken is schitterend!

29 Sep 2010 5:23am

@Monique: Soms heb je gewoon wat meeval nodig in de omgeving ... (en een goed oog om dat te spotten). Bij het vinden van een paddenstoel val ik tegenwoordig niet dadelijk meer aan met mijn camera, maar ik neem de tijd om de hele omgeving in me op te nemen, eventueel andere exemplaren te zoeken en te kijken waar ik het meest kan uithalen op fotografisch gebied. Het kost steeds wat tijd, maar ik denk dat het de kwaliteit van de foto's zeker ten goede komt.

Anita Pena from Bretagne, France

Waouh ! j'adore

23 Jan 2011 9:50pm

@Anita Pena: I'm very glad about that :-)). Thanks for visiting my older images and the effort to make a comment to them. Greetz !

Canon EOS 400D
1/13 second
ISO 200
150 mm