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Lycaena phlaeas #2

Posted by
Johan Dierckx (Wijnegem, Belgium) on 27 August 2010 in Animal & Insect and Portfolio.

Lycaena phlaeas (Kleine vuurvlinder (BE) / Small Copper (EN) / Kleine Feuerfalter (DE) / Cuivré commun (FR) ) is a butterfly of the Lycaenidae family. I displayed this species already at 07/06/2010, showing the details on the underside of the wings. In this image the bright black/orange colored upperside can be seen too. There are between two and three broods a year: the first from end of April untill half June (the 06/07 -image), the second from end of June till begin October (this image) and a possible third brood from beginning of September till end of October. In bright sun it is a very active little butterfly (forewing about 13mm) with the males setting up small territories which they will defend vigorously against rival males or indeed any unlucky passing insect. Even the shadow of a large bird passing overhead is enough to get him going. Females are pursued mercilessly and mating usually occurs low down in vegetation.

Image: Deurne (BE) - 22/08/2010

Canon EOS 400D 1/60 second F/8.0 ISO 200 150 mm

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Florence from Paris, France

One of your best (so difficult... very single picture here is outstanding). Exceptionnal sharpened photogrpah and colors are definitely gorgeous. Nature is really fascinating, isn'it Johan ?

27 Aug 2010 7:16am

@Florence: Thanks for that compliment, Florence. For me nature is fascinating, relaxing, surprising, ... Every day there is something new to discover ... Have a nice weekend, Florence !

Veronique from Sarrouilles, France

with a little + for the curly tongue :-)

27 Aug 2010 8:18am

@Veronique: That is the detail that makes the image I think ... Thanks, Veronique.

daniela scharnowski from Berlin, Germany

Oh I love his little spiral straw! Ok, I do also love the fabby wings ;D Lovely compo aqnd the orange does look very juicy! ;D Cheers Johan, have a great day!

27 Aug 2010 8:25am

@daniela scharnowski: The tongue is the lucky part of this shot. I made a dozen shots of the specimen, but this is the only one with the tongue nicely curled... I knew you would comment on that :P Have a great weekend !

carla from Netherlands

Super scherp prachtige mcro.

27 Aug 2010 5:53pm

@carla: Dank je voor je bezoekje en je commentaar, Carla. Ik zag net je portfolio - ga het dit weekend eens grondiger doorlopen - lijkt me zeer de moeite waard. Fijn weekend !

Becky from los angeles, United States

beautiful! Great close-up - lighting is magnificent!

27 Aug 2010 7:21pm

@Becky: Thank you very much, Becky. It is just a very beautiful (but little) butterfly and I can't resist making images of this one :-)

Dutçh from Chicagoland, United States

Nice, soft wing edges, makes the butterfly look really velvety :)

27 Aug 2010 10:28pm

@Dutçh: I expected you'd comment on the antennae or the tongue but no - this time the wing edges and the velvety ... hé hé ... always the unexpected comment - a pleasure to read ! Thanks again, Kristen.

Monique from Koh Samui, Thailand

Op deze schitterende foto kun je heel goed zien hoe ze aan de naam voor het vlindertje zijn gekomen ... hij staat echt in vuur en vlam! Grappig dat ze zichzelf bijna spiets op dat blaadje ;) Mooie macro Johan en dat gekrulde tongetje komt mooi uit tegen de egaal groene achtergrond.

28 Aug 2010 4:36am

@Monique: De naamgeving is inderdaad heel erg treffend. Ook in de vlucht is het net een vuurpijl die voorbijschiet. Het is trouwens onvoorstelbaar hoe snel deze vlindertjes "gelanceerd" zijn wanneer ze opvliegen - je kan ze nauwelijks volgen met je ogen. Het tongetje is voor mij het detail dat de foto net iets meer bijzonder maakt. Bedankt weerom voor je uitvoerige commentaar, Monique.

slayne from Arnhem, Netherlands

erg mooi

28 Aug 2010 6:00am

@slayne: Heel erg bedankt voor je bezoekje en je commentaar, Luc.

ceanothe from France

Courir après les papillons, un sport difficile, mais quelle réussite dans vos photos, bravo !

28 Aug 2010 4:56pm

@ceanothe: Thank you for your comment. I hope I can respond in english, because my french is not that good. I almost never run after a butterfly to make an image... that would only scare them away and cause to much damage in the habitats. I first observe the species to know it's habits. Many species do have a certain territory, revisiting the same flowers etc. Once I know the habits I try to approach as gentle as possible... Of course this takes more time and you'll miss several species, but at the end you'll get some better images...

Julie Brown from Indianapolis, United States

A curled proboscis is always pleasing. Nice sharp eye and legs on the leaf. I don't really need to comment on the lighting and background because it is always wonderful.

28 Aug 2010 11:47pm

@Julie Brown: The curled proboscis is just the luck in pressing the button on the right moment ... but is is the detail making the image...

Dutçh from Chicagoland, United States

Sometimes I just admire photos for their beauty and don't have anything scientific or poetic to say. :)

29 Aug 2010 2:16am

@Dutçh: ;-)

Je@n-M@rc from Nancy, France

Vos macros sont superbes !!!

31 Aug 2010 5:42pm

@Je@n-M@rc: Thank you very much, Jean-Marc. I'm very glad you like them and you're always welcome to visit.

Canon EOS 400D
1/60 second
ISO 200
150 mm