Maniola jurtina

Posted by Johan Dierckx (Wijnegem, Belgium) on 6 July 2010 in Animal & Insect and Portfolio.

Maniola jurtina (Meadow Brown / Bruin zandoogje) is a butterfly found in European meadows, where its larvae feed on grasses, such as Sheep's Fescue. There is marked sexual dimorphism in this species. Males are less colorful, with smaller eyespots and much reduced orange areas on the upper forewings. They are also much more active and range far about, while females fly less and often may not away from the area where they grew up. A variable number of smaller eyespots are usually found on the hindwing undersides. These may number up to 12 per individual butterfly, with up to 6 on each wing.

Image: Ripsdorf (DE) - 02/07/2010

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Monique from Koh Samui, Thailand

Ik vind de mooie warme kleuren geweldig in deze foto en die van gisteren. Prachtig zoals deze op pluisjes kan zitten zonder er vanaf te donderen ;)

6 Jul 2010 5:49am

@Monique: Beide zijn alweer genomen in het licht van de ondergaande zon. Niet enkel geeft dat mooi licht, maar de (dagactieve) vlinders zoeken dan meestal een slaapplek en zijn dan rustiger en dus iets makkelijker om te fotograferen. (Een andere optie is heel vroeg uit de veren, maar dat is zo niet mijn ding :-) )

Marc from Granby, Québec, Canada

excellent close up I like the softness in this shot nicely done !

6 Jul 2010 2:03pm

@Marc: Thank you very much for your visit and comment, Marc.

KriKridesign from Cully, Switzerland

just WOW! like a gold foil on a scuplture...just beautiful!!!

7 Jul 2010 6:41pm

@KriKridesign: Thanks, thanks. Glad you still take time to visit while having busy preparations ... Hope all is going ok.


so beautiful

7 Jul 2010 7:23pm

@MOHAMMAD: Thank you very much for your visit and comment, Mohammad.

Daniel from Kenmare, United States

great macro

7 Jul 2010 8:07pm

@Daniel: Thank you very much, Daniel. Glad you like it.

KriKridesign from Cully, Switzerland

CRAZY with a dvd preparation...My computer is close to learn to fly out of the window...If you want to know...but the rest is OK, Thank you :-))

7 Jul 2010 9:17pm

@KriKridesign: just don't give up on the DVD :-) (and you'll probably need your comp for that...)

Dutçh from Chicagoland, United States

Regarding the spots, I wonder what significance they have to the butterflies.. if they are just eyespots as part of their markings to stave off predators or if it also signals their maturity, gender, etc. Detail is good but I would like to see the flower on the right cropped out. It's almost unnecessary there and that would better focus where the eye wants to be, on the insect.

7 Jul 2010 10:28pm

@Dutçh: There is still a lot of research going on on this subject. The main purpose of the "eyes" is indeed scaring possible predators. I think you've got a good point in making a square crop out of this one. I'll surely do that when printing and framing this image ! Thx for the suggestion !

daniela scharnowski from Berlin, Germany

fabulous and elegant tone in tone picture - and that olive-orange tones are so noble - you´re sure you´re not int he fashion industry?

9 Jul 2010 5:56pm

@daniela scharnowski: Natures' fashion is not reproducable :-) - and it is time-less ... or perhaps not... colors change every minute with the light ;-) Thx again for commenting, Daniela.

Julie Brown from Indianapolis, United States

Beautiful color in the insect and background. I know now how I got behind on your images. I was on a photo workshop during this week.

28 Jul 2010 2:58am

@Julie Brown: So, you really were busy then :-) Hope the workshop worked out well and you had a pleasant time there !

Canon EOS 400D
1/400 second
ISO 200
150 mm