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Dactylorhiza maculata

Posted by
Johan Dierckx (Wijnegem, Belgium) on 19 June 2010 in Plant & Nature and Portfolio.

Series: European Terrestial Orchids

This orchid species - Dactylorhiza maculata (Heath spotted orchid / Gevlekte orchis) is a typical orchid in acid, heathy habitats. The flowers are usually rather pale pink with delicate markings, and the lip is broad, resembling a frilled skirt. It can occur in large numbers and gives a real splash of colour to otherwise sombre tracts of moor or bog. The population I visited last thursday holds several thousands of specimens... I never saw a population as big as this one. For todays image is just chose a detail of one flowering spike to show the delicacy of the individual flowers.

image: Ravels (B) - 17/06/2010

Canon EOS 400D 1/1000 second F/5.6 ISO 200 150 mm

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Véro from Savoie, France

another beautiful specimen , plenty of flowers !

19 Jun 2010 10:36am

@Véro: 1 spike from this species can hold up to 60 flowers on robust spikes, but 20 flowers is a good average.
I noticed some very nice images in your portfolio. Need some more time the comming days to visit again.
Have a nice weekend, Véro.

daniela scharnowski from Berlin, Germany

Congrats on your find!
These are fabulously dressed, very girlie. I love how they seem to guard their surroundings ;)
have a great weekend, even if rainy ;D

19 Jun 2010 12:25pm

@daniela scharnowski: Woman and clothing ... ai ai ai ... Are these still in fashion-style ? :-D

Due to the rainy weekend i'm just home :-( .... Maybe I can spend some more time on determination and classification... and on visiting and commenting some images of my friends here ...:-) Or maybe I can have some extra sleep... feeling very tired after all my trips.

dang from Atlanta, United States

Sounds amazing, I can't imagine seeing so many. Nice shot, as usual.

19 Jun 2010 1:14pm

@dang: Maybe I post some impressions on the "orchid-fields" later on. Thanks for making time to visit again, I know you are very busy right now.

Julie Brown from Indianapolis, United States

Wow, that is a cascade of color and texture. You have framed it well. How unusual is it for orchids to have flower spikes like this?

19 Jun 2010 2:18pm

@Julie Brown: In this species I like the patterns and textures in the lip. On every specimen it is slightly different... A very graphical orientated orchid species ...
Flowering spikes formed like this one can be found in the genus "Dactylorhiza" and in some other genera too. In some genera there are only 1,2 of 3 flowers on an individual spike, in others there are more then 100... There is a huge diversity. I think this huge variation in forms, colours, textures etc is for me one of the most attractive parts in studying the orchids (together with ecology and pollination-biology).

Dutch from Chicagoland, United States

One spike and so many bloom and now you say 'skirt' so I think dress and they are little dancers again!

19 Jun 2010 8:47pm

@Dutch: Indeed, I did say 'skirt' - so I admit - I do compare also - think there can be found some influences in my comments lately ... :D

Céline from New York City, United States

Lovely shot ! I like their patterns !
Beautiful capture !

20 Jun 2010 3:13am

@Céline: The patterns must be inspiring for a great abstract-photographer like you. The pattern is different in every flowering spike and some are more pronounced. I can spend hours just making images of that part alone. Think you would make great images of that too. Thx, Céline.

♏arleen from Netherlands

Zeer fraaie opname van deze bijzonder mooie orchidee:-)
Verheug me nu al op de foto van een veld vol....hint...;-)))

20 Jun 2010 8:04pm

@♏arleen: Dank je, Marleen. Die foto van de hele populatie komt er nog wel eens aan - wellicht in hartje zomer als ik iets minder recent materiaal ter beschikking heb ... Maak er een leuke week van !

Canon EOS 400D
1/1000 second
ISO 200
150 mm