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Polyommatus icarus #1

Posted by
Johan Dierckx (Wijnegem, Belgium) on 8 June 2010 in Animal & Insect and Portfolio.

Another species belonging to the Lycaenidae: Polyommatus icarus (Common Blue / Icarusblauwtje) is without doubt the most common species from this family in Belgium. This picture is taken short before sunset when the butterflies are searching a place to sleep. This one has chosen to spend the night on an unopened Leucanthemum vulgare (Oxeye daisy / Margriet). I was able to take some pictures with front- and backlight. Tomorrow I will show a frontlighted one. In this backlighted image I like the highlights in the edges of the wings as if this butterfly is glowing ...

Image: Broechem (B) 02/06/2010

Canon EOS 400D 1/100 second F/5.6 ISO 200 210 mm

© Johan Dierckx

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Monique from Koh Samui, Thailand

Erg mooi in het tegenlicht waardoor de contouren perfect uitgelicht worden en mooie warme kleuren!

8 Jun 2010 5:10am

@Monique: Morgen krijg je dezelfde vlinder van de andere kant gefotografeerd. Het is een wereld van verschil .... Ik vond de contouren hier ook heel boeiend ...

Magda from Vancouver, Canada

gorgeous light and tones! well done

8 Jun 2010 5:11am

@Magda: I had to wait untill sunset, but light is more beautiful then. Thx again !

dang from Atlanta, United States

Another wonderful capture.

8 Jun 2010 6:37am

@dang: Thank you very much, Luc. I start to like making pictures of butterflies :-)

Marie LC from Dauphiné, France

This already very beautiful butterfly is emphasized well here by a magnificent light

8 Jun 2010 8:38am

@Marie LC: Just before sunset the light was very warm. Had to wait a long time, but it was worhwile ...

GJC from Kyoto (京都), Japan

Fantastic! Yes, the backlight shows us such beauty in the wings. A wonderful photo.

8 Jun 2010 9:49am

@GJC: Thx, GJC. Tomorrow the same specimen in frontlight... totaly different image ...

daniela scharnowski from Berlin, Germany

definately may favorite of the butterfly series so far - I love your warm backlight here and admire your perfect exposure!

8 Jun 2010 11:02am

@daniela scharnowski: I'm learning about exposure from images like yours and those of Kristen or Luc... Inspiration ... :-) Thx for your kind comment, Daniela !

Julie Brown from Indianapolis, United States

The backlighting is excellent. I like how there is still enough foreground light to show the details of the butterfly and the flower.

8 Jun 2010 1:58pm

@Julie Brown: You discribed the main problem in making this image very well... getting the highlights right without making a silhouette of the butterfly. Glad it turned out well. Thx for your comment again, Julie.

Olivier from Manage, Belgium

lumière divine!

8 Jun 2010 3:38pm

@Olivier: Merci beaucoup, Olivier.

Véro from Savoie, France

un vrai plaisir de parcourir ton univers , de superbes macros ! merci du partage

8 Jun 2010 5:34pm

@Véro: I'm very glad you like my work, Véro. (Sorry to respond in English. I understand French but my writing is too bad.) Thx for stopping by and for your very kind words.

Loner from Wörgl, Austria

Wonderful image with this frontlight !

8 Jun 2010 6:23pm

@Loner: The frontlighted one you can see tomorrow :pppp

Loner from Wörgl, Austria

Excuse, Johan, I wanted to say of course back light!

8 Jun 2010 6:26pm

@Loner: No problem ... writing in different languages has some problems - i know :-) By the way - you can comment in German if you like - I understand most of it, but will respond in English while that is a lot easyer for me ...

k@ from Paris, France

The light through is a real gem, brav°

9 Jun 2010 9:11am

@k@: Thx again. I mostly like backlight but it is sometimes a bit more difficult to get enough light on the subject.

Ralph from Overijssel, Netherlands

Super dat licht!

10 Jun 2010 10:45am

@Ralph: Heel erg laat op de avond, net voor zonsondergang kan je dit soort tegenlicht tegenkomen. Ik hou van deze momenten om foto's te maken. Het geeft vaak leuke belichtingsresultaten.

Dutch from Chicagoland, United States

Well now this is a 10+ shot though I could only give you five. The framing is perfect, the lighting from behind to illuminate all those fine hairs, perfect, the color warm, rich.. perfect. You didn't just do 'okay' this time. You nailed it!

10 Jun 2010 3:12pm

@Dutch: I'm happy I did not nail the butterfly ...
Thanks for al these superlatives ...

Jonas Van de Moortel from Torhout, Belgium

prachtige macro-fotografie!! big up!

18 Jun 2010 12:02pm

@Jonas Van de Moortel: Dank je voor je bezoekje en je mooie compliment, Jonas.

Canon EOS 400D
1/100 second
ISO 200
210 mm